John Travolta donates jet in son's memory




He probably picked up a G-IV for around $5 Mil.


Actually, he picked up a Challenger 601 and became a “Brand Ambassador” for Bombardier. I’m guessing he was given the Challenger as compensation for being a spokesman.


Wonder if that will conflict with his being an ambassador for QFA.



doubt he was just “given” it - probably just given a big discount on his lease.


Interesting. Does it have a N#? or a C-? :laughing:


It’s a 601- doubt you need to lease them, old and busted just like the GII he gave up.


N218JT - is the Eclipse that he owns as well. I wonder if it gets much use?


As Jason said a few posts up, it’s a 601, not a 605. Current value, depending on year and time on the airframe, is probably less than $5 million.
Bombardier likely took it in trade and figured it was cheap compensation for having a famous face for their product.


In the days before it was blocked there were flights most days. Largely to and from Clearwater International at that time.


2012 Logged flights. using the callsign N218JT
March 1
February 17
February 16
February 13
February 12
February 11
February 10
February 9
January 23
January 21
January 20
January 19
January 18
January 11
January 10
January 8
January 6
January 4

N492JT Logged Flights in 2012
January 18 last logged in Florida.
January 16 west coast to east coast (New york area)
January 13 west coast
January 12 east coast to west coast
January 2 - east coast


Anybody know if the IRS lets you deduct a donation what you paid for it or for today’s fair market value?


FMV. However, if the recipient were to sell the plane/yacht/automobile within a year and receive substantially less than the FMV the donor used for a deduction calculation the IRS can and may ask you to recalculate your deduction.


that’s what I thought.


The tail number of the G-2 is N492JT. 492 is for Jett’s birthday, month and year. He was born April 13, 1992.