Joe Buck's Hawker 800


The Hawker 800 of sports broadcaster Joe Buck. I had no idea his job was that lucrative; a fine plane nonetheless.


Hawker 800XP2 with Blended Winglets


I just saw him on an ad walking through an airline terminal, by-passing the rental car counter.


Not sure this is that Joe Buck, he was on an AA flight from LGA-DFW a year ago.


No, it’s him and that plane’s travels matches his and Troy’s games on Fox except
for this past weekend (maybe something broke on it?).


I believe you, how the heck does he afford a Hawker 800? What is Aikman’s N # ?


how the heck does he afford a Hawker 800?

If you have any little thing to do with pro football, you would be surprised…


Joe and Troy are Fox’s #1 NFL announcer team and Joe also does baseball too,
I would guess he is probably making at least 5 or 6 mil a year or more.



100% NOT true.


It’s amazing to me whenever I say something wrong you are right there to throw it back at me. But if I even say something half way OK, you’re nowhere in sight… :unamused:


Sure I am. I am smiling to myself thinking “Good job Will. You are coming around.” Now, I put those responses that I do to “expand your universe of thinking”. Not all jobs in pro football, or pro sports in general pay like you think they do, which I know for a fact.

Team trainers (trainers, NOT doctors) don’t get paid that well.

Equipment managers do not get paid that well

Strength coaches get paid decent, but not what you would expect.


OK how much is a new Hawker 800 and if he makes 6 mil a year, even that seems like a stretch.


They don’t make Hawker 800’s anymore, an 850XP would run about 11 million USD, Joe Buck’s which is a 2000 800XP with winglets added, used to be a Harrah’s Hotel VIP.

Depending on the aircrafts history, flight time, equipment etc, etc, could be worth anywhere from about 5 million USD to about 6.75 million USD.

You’ll have to work out your own leasing deal!!!


Debt?!? :laughing:


I would guess that even though he might spend more of his income proportionally compared to some super rich guys, he would say it is worth it so he can maximize home time with his young family. He probably makes more than 6 anyway, he also has a deal with HBO.


I too was amazed when I found this Hawker earlier this year while tracking Troy Aiken (N408RT) which lead me to post this thread. … 72f7043643


They might have something in their contract to cover ‘private aircraft charter’ or ‘1st class airline travel from point to point’. Under the private charter clause, there’s nothing to say they can’t own the plane. If they only got 1st class reimbursement that will cover most of the cost while they and their family or other business associates use the plane to tend to other business or appearances between their broadcasting gigs.


Joe Buck Shares this aircraft with Marc Bulger, QB for the STL Rams.


Good point, never thought of that but you are probably right.

Now that is interesting. Guess that explains some of the odd trips in the tracking.

Joe and Troy in ATL calling Falcons/Saints … /KSUS/KFTY … /KFTY/KSUS … /KGVL/KFTY … /KFTY/KDAL


That didn’t take long! We start talking about n53Lb and it is now blocked. to bad!

he must have spoke to Troy as well because N408RT is now blocked too.