Jimmie Johnson's G150 mishap with Rick Hendrick

Rick Hendrick and his wife were slightly injured in a crash tonight while onboard Jimmie Johnson’s G150. EYW is a bad place to lose brakes.

espn.go.com/racing/nascar/cup/st … es-florida

Im not a fan of those wanna be Gulfstreams. Glad to hear there ok.

The Astra’s and before them the Westwind’s are pretty good short field birds as long as you stick to the numbers.

Have you Flown the G150 or are you just making an uninformed biased observation?
FYI- The G150 has GREAT short field numbers, and given the fact that it has a small wing says a lot.

I fly a Pretend-a-Gulfstream and think it’s a sh*t hot bird.

Hey Jason,
Have you ever looked at an Astra/G100 wing out on the ramp when one is parked next to a Falcon 50?
IAI never admitted who designed the wing but after an unofficial ramp inspection I think the answer is obvious.

John in Saudi

I’ll take a look next time- We have the same wing as the G100 on the G200, only ours is a bit longer. Most ideas in aviation start some where else :smiley:

Bigger is always better, right?


You’re still giddy from the modern glass cockpit and the new airplane smell!

And having flown the Astra SPX/G100, they are mighty fine airplanes.

More like getting tired of random erroneous ICAS messages. This weeks- the lovely “bag smoke” message
Also had an RTU go blank for 5min. Same RTU would randomly switch stations-last month went NORDO over texas for about 20min. Needless to say we have a new one on order.

So did you throw the old bag overboard?


Don’t you love “integrated avionics”? My personal best was having the #2 FMS “un-sync” itself and then reset it’s position while cruising down the AR to the Islands. Hilarious.