JFK Jr Saratoga

Open up the FAA files towards the end— lots of fascinating documents about where it came from etc…
Looks like they played the usual game $1/ovc.


I don’t see where it has the price of it. Where did you see it?

Second-to-last page of the REGISTRATION documents…

Explanation of "$1+OVC"


Come on, they are politicians and are so much better than us common folks. Now you really don’t expect our “betters” to pay retail, do you?

To the sarcasm impaired: That’s sarcasm above.

Down boy.

I won’t go into how it’s difficult to pay retail for something that’s used, the fact remains that Junior’s corporation purchased the plane and it might have been fiscally sound for it to have purchased the aircraft for $1 and OVC.

(Your class jealousy is showing David!)

What the hell is OVC? Please explain it to those of us who have never even thought about purchasing an aircraft.

Other Valuable Consideration could be anything from stocks and bonds, a bar of the finest Gold-Pressed Latinum to sexual favors. It’s whatever the two parties agree to.

Ohhh ohhh ohhh, I’ll take the sexual favors please!!!

Ok fine you have a choice. A reach around from Junior or a three way with the wife and her sister.

Now Lord, I realize that joke was in very bad taste, but please see your way to forgiving me nonetheless. Thank you.

3SoCs, 3HMs and an AoC!

:smiling_imp: :laughing: Another thread I almost did not open…glad I did :wink:

I Must be blind. Still don’t see any price. :cry:

See the links above the Bill of Sale in blue

I got the 1+ OVC.

I thought there was an actual price on there. :unamused:

There is, $1 and OVC!

Course, now that I think about it, it could have been a trade for advertising in George rather than something personal. Of course, that’s all personal, too. You are right – rich get richer by getting deals we not-so-rich don’t get…

Impossible…The V stands for Valuable. :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

It could have also been $599,998.00

$1 & OVC makes it much easier to avoid applicable sales taxes. Gee…imagine that from a Kennedy. :unamused: