JFK Airport


Has anyone on the forum ever flown into JFK, or wandered out there to take pictures? I found a ridiculous $166.00 roundtrip fare from MCI to JFK, and have an urge to make the trip for a weekend getaway. I have always wanted to visit the place with a camera.

Advisable- not advisable? Safety and Security?


Here is a good site to look over for NYC airports. The rest of that site is pretty interesting as well.


3 years ago, I was staying at the Ramada Inn at JFK which is in line with and a mile from the approach end of 13L. I was in the back parking lot, learning how to use my new digital camcorder by filming the jets on approach overhead. Well, the cops came, told me someone reported me as suspicious behavior blah, blah, blah, blah. :unamused:

The cop told me he couldn’t MAKE me stop filming, but he strongly suggested that I stop. That’s all I have to to say about that.


That’s what I needed to hear. I am a train nut too. I watched trains all over the place, unmolested for twenty five years. Since 9/11 some of my favorite places have been closed off and I have heard some real horror stories about Railfans on public property getting arrested for having a camera.

Wandering around JFK with a camera taking pictures of terminals and foreign planes would probably not be the wisest thing I have ever done.

Needlenose, I spent my first six years in Annandale in the late fifties and early sixties. I flew into IAD on my way to Virginia Beach in 1998 and took my kids by my old house. (My mom supplied the address, which I have since forgotten.) My mom really loved it there but the service deposited us in Kansas.

Thank You for the info.