Jetset kids

I’ve noticed more kids hanging out in FBO exec terminals waiting for their flight by themselves. This may be just a side effect of the growth in fractionals and private aircraft. Kids being shuttled between divorced parents, etc…

This story offers a different take where the psycho parents are trying to be cool while achieving the opposite result (IMO). I always thought the bus/van/boat ride to camp was half the fun of camp.

I’m listening to Laura Ingraham on the radio right now and she’s going off on this story. I’d be interested to hear any corp/charter or fractional pilots stories or take on this topic.

We get Laura on a tape delay starting at 4PM, so don’t ruin it for me…


Well, its about half way through her second hour. I love Laura!

I promise to not hold it against you Rob.

Every year we send 2 or three airplanes to summer camp in Augusta ME, I’ve been unlucky enough to go the last two years. It’s actually an unbelievable event there is roughly 50-60 corporate jets there all day, ranging from GV’s to B400’s.

Bunch of spoiled kids with their guilty-for-not-spending-enough-time-with-them parents doting over them for 1 day out of the year.

For lack of anywhere else to put this, I dedicate this to JHEM… video of Laura Ingraham landing in Houston.