JetBlue PVU-DEN-TLH 9/16/10

Anyone know what this flight was? Doesn’t look scheduled, as JetBlue doesn’t serve PVU.

it’s helpful if you put in the flight numbers. a little research found these recent JBU flights at PVU
JBU9720 LGB-PVU 16 Sep 09 07:17-09:38 ferry flight
JBU8820 PVU-DEN 16 Sep 09 11:19-12:18 charter - stop in DEN for fuel then on to TLH
JBU8820 DEN-TLH 16 Sep 09 13:04-17:36 continuation of flight
JBU8821 TLH-PVU 19 Sep 09 10:33-12:08 charter
JBU9725 PVU-LGB 19 Sep 09 1331-1401 ferry flight

Guess it was BYU fans going to Florida State,

the team flew Virgin America non-stop, … /KPVU/KTLH