Jet searched for pot at TEB … /CYYZ/KTEB … -1.1598318

Was Justin Bieber flying high? The singer touched down in a private jet at Teterboro Friday afternoon, and authorities reportedly smelled a strong odor of pot coming from the aircraft. A canine search team sniffed the cabin for cannabis after the flight landed, a source told the Daily News.

Getting ridiculous now, he just needs to disappear for a while.

Looks like a GIV or V in this video but can’t make out the reg. … d=22320856

NY daily news seems to have changed that page, originally it said hawker 800 now they have the photo of a Gulfstream.

Gulfstream, Hawker, Citation, Beech Bonanza - all biz jets (including props!) are the same as far as the major media are concerned.

This might be it … /CYYZ/KTEB

Found it

but sometimes flies under the “Gotham” call sign … /CYKF/KTEB

and just saw it was posted in Squawks last night … yto=109239

So, there are “authorities” that sniff aircraft after landing at TEB? Who knew!?

They are called U. S. Customs and Border Patrol. The airplane would have cleared into the US in Teterboro.

Oh, of course.

I realize you were probably tongue in cheek, but there are probably those out there that don’t reaize TEB has customs available.

Tongue in cheek, yes, but also head up and locked! Customs never crossed my mind…

Maybe JB overlooked it too?