Jet Blue pilot email, will crash plane into ex's house

Pilot Threatens to Crash Plane in Boston

Jetblue and BOS deny threat. There apparently was some kind of e-mail, but not what the title alleges.

When did FA become gutter press ? :angry:

Hey that’s great, I hope its right, I posted a news report that is being reported. I’m not a member of the press, I reposted it for discussion sake… sorry to turn this place into a slum

Of course they have to deny it, initially, but the pilot still had to leave…

Besides it was on Fox, “fair and balanced” :smiling_imp:

LOL. When did Faux News get anything right first time ? TBF they have now calmed down. A bit.

“He never threatened crashing the aircraft,” Federal Security Director George Naccara said. “It was a situation in which he was threatening to take his own life and, in fact, his words were he may do it in ‘some spectacular fashion,’ but not anything to do with the aircraft and no reference to crashing the aircraft or harming anyone else other than himself.”

Naccara also said that the pilot’s girlfriend, who he identified only as a flight attendant, “did the right thing” by calling authorities.

Hope he wasn’t a FFDO!

There is a great deal of conjecture in news reports that he was an FFDO, especially due to the fact that he apparently hasn’t been charged with any firearm infractions, but of course there has been no confirmation from authorities.

Be cool! Be courteous. Don’t make your readers guess what you mean.

FFDO: Federal Flight Deck Officer Program

I think you mean hope he was a FFDO. Otherwise what’s he doing with a gun in the crew lounge, and how did he get it there ?

Sparks must shoot out of her deal, what a loser.

I hadn’t heard anything about him having a gun. Where’d you hear that?

The link posted said he surrendered a gun.


That must have been updated after I read it the first time. Well, at least he took himself off the flight and turned over the weapon. Hopefully he gets it all back together.