Any opinion on JBU701 (JFK to JFK on March 27, 2006.)



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JBU701 may have had a medical or mechanical emergency aboard the flight. It returned to JFK then continued on to San Juan a few hours later.

To enter the URL as above, enter* [(http://flightaware.com/live/flight/JBU701) and another *] *]([/i)Then, enter the tex (e.g. JBU701) followed by a *.


Thanks for the response. Indeed, it makes sense. In the future I will provide the link as suggested.


I notice on that JBU701 Activity Log that when Departure time is italicized, the Duration is “n/a”, but when Departure time is not italicized, the Duration is “hr:min”.

What does an italicized departure time signify?


Italicized times anywhere on the site notes that the even is scheduled, but we never received confirmation that it occured.
For this jetBlue flight, we’re getting two arrival messages about half an hour apart (probably transfering over to local ATC). For the first arrival message we see we pair that with the departure message. For the next arrival message (without another departure message) we pair that with the proposed departure time.