JAL Boeing 767-346 JA8299 ingests a bird!!!, photos . . .

Jan 3/10 RJCC Airport Japan, shut down port engine - returned for safe landing.
No injuries - except fatal for bird!!!

Great pictures, WOW!!

Frank Holbert



More like fart and from the looks of that fart, it must have been some type of Mexican bird. Just speculating. :wink:

Yeah, fart! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:



Worlds biggest fart: 50,000lbs of thrust. :smiley:

In taking a second look at those photos, that is one big ass bird :open_mouth:

Looking at the wings, it appears to be a raptor of some sort. It’s interesting to look at the shape of a bird’s wings, and wonder why it took so long for winglets to be added to planes. I’ve only seen the raked wings on a large predatory bird.


Not many mexican birds in Japan. That one appears to have eaten some particularly good spicy curry. The good stuff fights on the way in and the way out.

Probably has wing span anywhere around 4-6 feet?(The bird not the plane :laughing: )