Jabiru 2200 Engine Failure - Forced Landing on the Beach


A partial power loss due to a Jabiru 2200 engine failure forced me to land my Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 (CS-UPK) at low tide on an empty beach in Portugal …
Wonderful landing, without a scratch …
No. 3 cylinder exhaust valve adjuster jumped out during flight …
More details, pictures, video and portuguese authorities (GPIAA) official report:

Pictures of the Landing, Video, Official Report


Jabiru 2200 Cylinder Head and Valve Adjuster

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Glad you’re OK.


Thanks, Porterjet …



Very happy you and the plane had such an excellent outcome Duarte.




Thanks for your post, JHEM.
I now fly a very safe PiperSport with BRS and only 50 hrs TT.

PiperSport CS-USE