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It's a UFO! Wait! Does Anyone Have FlightAware on Their Phone?!

New Jersey never fails to disappoint!

Good to know that, in addition to warp drive, the aliens managed to invent ADS-B. I’m told they’re even ahead of the curve and have 978 too.

Tried the “playback” feature on the FA app for the first time and managed to find the blimp. The ground track certainly looks funny.

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Whilst you had aliens we had the police out in their new B300 KingAir following the main freeway from Melbourne towards Sydney

This is the only police aircraft with ADSB. All the helicopters are MLAT only.

Their speed seemed to match that of a car travelling that stretch of road.

If I drove in circles like that they would arrest me, breath test me, impound my car, lock me up and cancel my licence for two years.

They have been doing all sorts of flights like



The same aircraft that’s been putting citizens under surveillance for protesting.