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It's a good job I did my aerial and feeder work last week

We don’t a general discussion here so I hope this is an appropriate place to post this. We’re all friends and I’d like share what happened to me at the weekend.

Walking home from Pete’s on Saturday night, I tripped on a kerb and went down like a sack of proverbial spuds. My right arm took the brunt of my fall and I also bounced on my face. I laid there for a bit, unable to get up. It’s good to know that the fall detection feature of my watch kicked in and it wanted to call the emergency services but I stopped it. I’ve got lacerations on my chin and I almost bit through my tongue.

Some passers by stopped to help and a few minutes later, a Police car stopped. They checked me over, got me in their car and brought me home.

My wife and daughter took me to A&E which thankfully wasn’t busy. I was checked over and given an x-ray which showed my upper right arm (humerus) is broken in “at least” four places. We got back home at around 05:30 on Sunday morning.

Because of where it is, it can’t be plastered so I’ve got to keep my arm in a sling for six weeks for it to heal. This is a very bad break, it’s very painful and the painkillers I’ve been given are barely touching it.

It’s just as well I did the work on my system last week because there’s no way I’ll be able to go up a ladder for at least another couple of months.

Here is the x-ray when you can see four of the fracture points.

Be careful out there folks.


Wishing you a speedy recovery, Keith!


That’s a proper break!

Rest up and I hope you have a quick recovery


Ouch. That’s unfortunate - I hope you have a swift recovery.

My uncle had a very similar injury after falling off his bike a while back - frustrating and painful. Have they referred you to a physio? If not, you might want to ask about seeing one to help with stiffness and motion as it heals.



Sorry to hear about your fall and fracture. Get well soon.


Not yet but it only happened two days ago. I’ve got my first appointment at the fracture clinic on Thursday.

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I asked because I know it can be somewhat hit or miss as to how proactive they are with referrals depending on your local health authority. Where I live you often have to chase stuff like that yourself.


It can also depend on the doctor. My mum broke her femur last year. The doc made little effort regarding physio.


I sincerely wish you a good recovery !


OUCH Keith! Glad it didn’t happen while you were working on your aerial - could have been much worse.


Ouch man, I am sorry!


I’ve seen the consultant and I have to have surgery on my shoulder. I asked how many fractures there are and he stopped counting at eight. He described it as totally shattered and a ‘mush’ in there.

He said that when it’s all done, the best case scenario (one which he’d call a success) is where I can raise my arm to shoulder height :cry:

It’s being done next Tuesday.


Holy shit…
Really bad having such a thing happening.

My best wishes and get well soon.


Sounds like you’ve done a proper number there then. Hope everything goes OK.


Hope your surgery goes well and you get maximum restoration.

Best wishes. Get well soon.


Will keep you in my prayers, Keith.

Wishing your surgeon the highest degree of success in your operation.


Are you getting a new shoulder? My sister had both of hers replaced. They work well.

No. They will be repairing the bones as best as possible.

Best wishes for the op Keith.


Just adding my wishes for a speedy recovery Keith.

I’d send you some grapes and a bunch of flowers but I haven’t managed to find a Matter Transporter Interface to fit my computer yet.

I fell over a kerb on my way to the Doctors’ surgery (of all places) earlier in the year but fortunately it was only my favourite watch and my pride that was damaged when I hit the deck.

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