It is possible add airways and fixes!!!

I have zero knownledge about Java and OpenLayers3, but i modified my dump1090-fa fodler for show fixes and airways, and i modified he buttons for delect (hide) this information.

I hope that Flightaware make a new friendly piaware versión with more (and much more) options…

In image you can see RNAV airways (purple), highairways (red); fixes are hidden. In panel in this momento are not functional SIDs, STARs and Visual

Low airways with fixes

Low, high and RNAV (fixes hidden) in all Central America


That’s something I’m looking for as well.

And now with STARs

kann you share how do make that?
thanks in advance

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Sure, anybody that need my files i can submit to them, however i don’t have any manual; try and error!