Issues starting faup1090 with 2.1-2


I recently tried updating to PiAware 2.1-2 but came across this error that repeats itself:

No faup1090 in PATH, will try again in 10 minutes

I’m installing PiAware manually and am still running the FlightAware dump1090 fork.

Forgive my ignorance, but when I look around for a faup1090 binary I do not see one, like I do for piaware/piaware-config/piaware-status. Any suggestions?


It should be /usr/bin/faup1090

It is included in piaware_2.1-2_armhf.deb


I’m installing from source, from and it does not seem to include faup1090. Is that expected or am I overlooking something?


See for how the package is assembled. The source is drawn from a few different places. faup1090’s source currently lives in the dump1090-mutability repo.