Issue when including the port number in the Request URL

Hello. I am getting failed requests with FlightXML2 and FlightXML3 when I include port 80 in my request URL.

For the rest of this discussion I will be referencing FlightXML3.

When I make a call from postman or my application with the port in the URL, my request fails.
For example:
(note clicking the link will result in a succesfull API call b/c the browser usually trims the port for http calls, you must copy and paste this into Postman or other rest client)

If I do NOT include the port number in my request, the API call works.
However, the application I am working with requires you to specify the port number within the URL.

Are there any known workarounds for this issue?

Please make the whole request over https/443. Inbound http requests are upgraded and responded to over https.

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Yep that did it! Thanks for the info.