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Is this going to be a problem?


That setting is only for the piaware sd-card image. Are you using that?



This is true only if you are using Piaware SD card image.

There are 4 distinct cases, each slightly different:

  • Piaware SD card image
    For all settings, use sudo piaware-config [parameter] [value]

  • Raspbian image with dump1090-fa and piaware package install
    For dump1090-fa settings, edit file /etc/default/dump1090-fa. For other parameters use sudo piaware-config [parameter] [value]

  • Raspbian image with dump1090-mutability ver 1.15~dev and piaware package install.
    For dump1090-mutability edit file /etc/default/dump1090-mutability. For other parameters use sudo piaware-config [parameter] [value]

  • Pi24 image with integral dump1090-mutability ver 1.14 and piaware package install
    For all paramerter edit file /etc/fr24feed.ini. Gain settings are part of following string:
    procargs="--net --gain xx -- lat xx.xxx --lon yy.yyyy"

    For Beginners: How to Change / Set Gain




Thanks to everyone who helped with this. Dump1090-FA with FA and FR feeders are running on one of my antennas with one dongle on one Pi so I’ve got a spare to play with again.

I’ll let you guys know how I get on with my new kit when it arrives.

In the mean time, I’ve reinstalled dump1090-fa and graph1090 on my spare Pi and installed flightairmap.

Then I configured modesmixer2 on the PC that hosts Virtual Radar so that it collects data from both Pi outputs and VR so that it takes the aggregated data from modesmixer2.

At least I can see everything I’m receiving even if I can’t upload it all.



VRS can handle multiple inputs, no need for the extra software.



I had VRS set up with data from both receivers from the start but could only view and log one at a time. Do you configure them as merges so that you can see aggregated data or what?

Yes that is exactly what you do. I hadn’t really looked at that function before.

I’m actually rather annoyed with myself now because I’ve had both dongles running on different PCs in different parts of the house with VRS collecting data from both since day one and because I hadn’t looked at merged feeds, I wasn’t logging one or the other of them. That’s four years worth of extra data I’ve missed.
@glennblum was right. I will learn a lot here!