Is this an F/A-18 or a Russian Su-27?


I spotted this aircraft sitting at Miami’s Opa Locka airport a few days ago. Remarkable livery, one of a kind!

The full size photo is here


It is an F-18C painted in aggressor markings,used for tactical intercept training.


[1][2][3][4] Aggressor F-18 Hornet photos


As if the landing gear and the intakes aren’t enough to give it away, note the faded or painted-over “Star & Stripes”(i.e. United States) insignia on the fuselage above the nose gear.


[1][2][3][4] Sukhoi SU-27 photos


[ Lots of photos ] ]( Came across this by accident, off of the Flickr site. Mostly from Grand Junction Colorado, many shots including F-18 Aggressors. Lots of biz jets, and plenty of military aircraft, and extremely high quality photos.