Is there any way of finding out?

Is there any way of finding out where a specific airplane went after I got off? Or if it says arrived 3 days ago does that mean it’s still at that airport?

Not really. It may have stayed at the airport for 3 days or it may have taken off on a VFR flight. If it was the latter then it would not have been tracked in most cases by FlightAware.

I might be reading into it, but I assume they’re asking about an airline flight. Than again since is says arrived 3 days maybe not.

Either way. If it is an airline flight you’re looking the plane you came in on has probably moved on as a different flight number. I know there is a way to track ‘N’ numbers as they fly as different flight numbers.

Good luck

I’m trying to see where the airplane that i left my ipod on went to next.

There is a member here TXHorns who works for Southwest, send him a p.m. and see if there is any way he can help you.

I admire your tenacious streak…I’d have given up the next day. :wink:

Thanks I’ve contacted him and my fingers are crossed. :slight_smile:

Whoops… I gave a similar answer in a different thread:

Didn’t see this answer til now…