Is there a low res/mobile version of this site?


I’m sick of this site getting more and more bloated and it taking upwards of 10 seconds to fully load all the crap on some occasions. Is there a low res or mobile version of the tracking page without all the bloat that I can use? Really gets annoying every time you want to look up some flights and can’t enter anything in the boxes until they’ve finished jumping about while all the frames load. :angry: :angry:


don’t think my pm went through - try a pm to me regarding this


Received it thx, but alas already have that issue resolved.

Admin, please advise on low res version of this site. :bulb:


We have a mobile site, but it probably won’t solve your issue. I suspect I had the same issue when I was in Vietnam last week.

Can you post the results of a traceroute to and On windows that would be “tracert” and “tracert” at a command prompt. This will tell us if you’re getting the UK servers or not.

Blocking ads doesn’t make the site load any faster, it just deprives us of revenue.


I believe Mark is helping you, but FYI, the site has actually gotten dramatically smaller and faster in the last month and what you’re describing is not typical or acceptable.

For a logged-in user, we generate pages in 80-300ms, deliver them within another 100ms, and it should be fewer than 500-1500ms to render & display at that point.

All in all, under 2 seconds.


C:\Documents and Settings\RK>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 38 ms 99 ms 99 ms bebox.config []
2 17 ms 17 ms 17 ms
3 22 ms 23 ms 22 ms [213.161.78.
4 96 ms 95 ms 97 ms []
5 96 ms 96 ms 96 ms []
6 96 ms 95 ms 95 ms []
7 97 ms 98 ms 97 ms []

8 98 ms 97 ms 98 ms []
9 153 ms 97 ms 98 ms 0.ae1.XL3.IAD8.ALTER.NET []
10 134 ms 134 ms 134 ms []
11 134 ms 134 ms 133 ms POS6-0.GW8.HOU7.ALTER.NET []
12 148 ms 147 ms 147 ms []
13 147 ms 147 ms 147 ms [

Trace complete.

C:\Documents and Settings\RK>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 40 ms 99 ms 99 ms bebox.config []
2 17 ms 17 ms 17 ms
3 105 ms 103 ms * []
4 105 ms 103 ms 103 ms []
5 105 ms 105 ms 105 ms [
6 104 ms 104 ms 104 ms

Trace complete.

Site still loading at the pace of a snail again today. :frowning:

Is there no way to use a low res version then? At minimum I would like to turn off the maps and not have all the schedules and past flights load on every page. A simply entry box to track a single flight without all the bloat would be perfect. Only needs to show arr and dep times, where it’s come from and went to etc. :confused:

I would have to disagree with the person who said the site has been slimmed down. It hasn’t at all and is more bloated than ever, especially since this past month or so. The frames haven’t been optimised for Opera at all and are all over the place overlapping each other, fonts too big for the boxes, stretching half way across the maps etc. When loading, the frames jump all over the place and the fonts change sizes and style 2 or 3 times before eventually deciding which ones they want to be, 10-15 seconds later. :frowning:


And now the forum is moofed as well. Whole site is virtually unusable. Just time outs after time outs after time outs… :unamused:

C:\Documents and Settings\RK>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 53 ms 99 ms 99 ms bebox.config []
2 22 ms 22 ms 22 ms
3 23 ms 23 ms 23 ms []
4 134 ms 133 ms 133 ms [208.51.41.
5 133 ms 133 ms 133 ms [216.52.
6 136 ms 136 ms 135 ms [
7 136 ms 136 ms 135 ms [
8 134 ms 134 ms 134 ms []

Trace complete.


The main homepage is refusing to load altogether now. Loads around half of the page frames and then simply freezes with the live flight tracker and airport info boxes on the left side either half complete or missing altogether. Have left it for over a couple of mins to finish loading and it never does. Tried about 10 times now. :confused:

The only way I’m able to use the site is by bookmarking this url and typing in the flight ID at the end of the url. :frowning:


Seems I’m not the only one having these issues either : … hp?t=12739

Note that this guy also mentions this starting around a month ago, which is roughly when it started for me as well. :frowning:


The problem is not the amount of text being emitted, it seems to be something else. Also, as far as the site getting faster and lighter weight, I know you may subjectively disagree, but I can guarantee you that the size of pages has been reduce 20-50% in the last month.

Can you post a screenshot where the fonts overlap and are the wrong size? We have tried multiple versions of Opera here and it’s lightning fast and looks almost perfect.


Well it will do as your server is in the next room. Try connecting from the UK or somewhere else outside the American continent and watch the site fall flat on its face. I’m unable to do any screenshots because the site won’t even load now.



We are testing it from the UK.

What version of Opera are you using?


Preferences -> Network

What are your max connections and max total connections set to?


Please paste the summary (last few lines) of output from this command:

ping -n 100 -l 1500



Here’s a shot of a fully loaded homepage. Impossible to screenshot the frames jumping about as it’s loading, but take my word for it. And before the frothing starts, YES I have the ads blocked on this screenshot as I’m trying to reduce as much unnecessary bloat as I can to get the damn site to load (and yes blocking the ads does make it load faster).

I should add that using FF the site takes over 20 seconds to fully render when it does eventually load, but then FF has always been a slow piece of crap **imho **hence why I don’t use it.

In Opera you can’t see which part it gets stuck on, but in FF it’s failing at loading and/or It just sits there trying to load those and then eventually time outs or blank screens, so it would appear to be that being a key part of the problem. What is anyway? There is nothing at that site.


16 and 64.


Try and see if it’s fast


Nope. Just as slow as the normal homepage and still refuses to fully load. Gets to 50/52 elements in the url bar and then just stops doing anymore (I’m guessing it’s the elements on the left side of the page that it can’t load, as depicted in my screenshot).

Will do the ping in a mo.


Min 153, max 156, average 153.


Just going back to the frames and font issues when loading, it seems to be where PRIVATE FLIGHT TRACKER and AIRLINE FLIGHT TRACKER titles are. When loading the font appears to be in Times New Roman around 12 point, over-spilling the frame to the right, then it changes to whatever the actual front should be and reduces. The DON’T KNOW THE FLIGHT #? and FORGOT THE FLIGHT NUMBER? bits have similar issues as they load with a white background to begin with and stretches nearly a fifth of the way across the screen in what looks like 14 point. :confused:

Anyway, that’s something for your coders to address. The main issue at the moment seems to be with the servers and routing.