Is Skyview OK with latest IOS 11.0?

Mine is intermittently slow or non-responsive …

Just me?


just viewing skyview on ios is better than original dump1090 web-interface but far from really good, lags sometimes, aircraft-data layer not draggable etc …

Nope, still unable to move the Skyview map under the latest IOS.


this is not an ios bug but based on the horrible javescript that skyview makes use of. if they’d go with leaflet anything would be fine - but they do not answer issues and possible solutions i had sent them …

p.s. and even if it were mistakes on apples side - it were just dumb of fa coding something that does not run on systems with such a huge user base!

FWIW I’ve switched to Chrome on my iOS devices and I’m not having any problems with Skyview under the new version 11.0.

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I reported this issue to our web team for investigation.


Mine is slow as well since yesteday afternoon i have reboot the flight feeder a few times with no change at all and its even slower this morning.
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Skyview is working okay again.

Regards Lino.

Now poor response under Firefox too!

Any progress yet please?

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What operating system and version of Firefox are you using?

IOS 11 and FF9

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11.0 - can’t install 11.0.3 yet and Firefox 11. (Latest). At first I can move the map but it then continues to update but can’t be moved. A minute or 2 later and it can be moved - but locks up after 30 seconds or so …

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Our web team is looking into this further. I will post an update once we have more information, hopefully within a few days.

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We believe we have a fix for the locking issue on iOS 11. I expect it to be updated in the next PiAware release 3.5.2 which should be later this month.

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eric - what i wonder is why is on github/dump-fa no way to open an issue about skyview problems?
another question why does the fa webteam not use leaflet as map library what works great and fast even on lame tablets?

It’s the same in Firefox …

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We track issues internally as we already have systems in place for this and we are the main contributors to the fork. If there is community interest in actively contributing to the fork we can consider enabling issue tracking there. Issues should generally be raised in this forum or e-mailed to adsbsupport [at]

With respect to maps, OpenLayers is the standard we use today.

thanks for reply :slight_smile:

some months ago i already emailed about several skyview issues - never got an answer nor the mentioned bugs were debugged:

  • aircraft detail popup-layer always shows up on most annoying position over track and aircraft itself
  • map is extremely unresponsive and nearly fully fails on ios
  • when scrolling in aircraft table - dark-blue table header with description of columns and above general receiver data should stay in place while table-rows scroll below. behavior like frameset

to be honest i do not really understand how professional/commercial software like skyview could ever pass a internal quality control. yes - openlayers is one of the major problems and could be solved by using leaflet …


edit: when i see how fast one single person updates and debugs incomparable more complex software like dump1090/mlat-client/mlat-server - i’m a little disappointed about what the web-team does