Is Northwest in big trouble?

So, with the apparent impending strike by the attendants, what’s going to happen to Northwest? Are airlines legally required to have flight attendants or x number of flight attendants based on the number of passengers?

See my poll on the same subject (with more options to choose) in the Aviation News forum:


Sec. 91.533 - Flight attendant requirements.

(a) No person may operate an airplane unless at least the following number of flight attendants are on board the airplane:

(1) For airplanes having more than 19 but less than 51 passengers on board, one flight attendant.

(2) For airplanes having more than 50 but less than 101 passengers on board, two flight attendants.

(3) For airplanes having more than 100 passengers on board, two flight attendants plus one additional flight attendant for each unit (or part of a unit) of 50 passengers above 100.

The flight attendants just won the right to strike on August 25.

Yeah, I saw that. Great thing that my parents are flying Northwest September 1st…

This is why most airlines in the USA that operate aircraft such as the Twin Otter (certified for 20-21 passengers) have 19 seats installed. Add that 20th seat and you need to get a flight attendant aboard.

The first NWA flights from KMSP leave just after 07:00 Central

Here a list of flights that are to leave between 07:00-07:30 Central


I heard radio news report that if they go they intend to roll the strike and NOT do a system-wide strike.