I heard from a friend of mine and rather not give person’s name but I heard that American Eagle Airlines hires non-citizens as their pilots…Don’t you think thats kind of dangerous considering what had happen in 9-11???I fly that airline along with my family too,but if this is true,well JET BLUE will get my business from here on out…I too fly for a living… :exclamation:

I don’t see the problem here. If you think hiring US citizens only will make things safer, you need to think again.

They are doing the jobs that most Americans won’t do…HAHAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

If you are politically correct, don’t read the rest: As long as the pilots are non-Muslims, I don’t see anything wrong with hiring foreign pilots. Hiring Muslim pilots would be just plain STUPID.

I’m a born again Christian and a used to be the director of drama ministries in my old church. Just so we have a clear understanding of my position.

Do you realize that more people have been in the name of Jewdao/Christian beliefs then any other. Read the old testiment. Moses’ himself ordered the death of whole civilizations; men, women, and children (excludeing the virgins).

How many tribes around the world have wiped each other off the face of the Earth over different beliefs?

Today, with such wide coverage of everything it much more in our face. It also, for the first time in my life time has hit close to home; so we’re scared. Yes, I get on an airplane and am thinking the same thoughts you are.

In order for a non-US citizen to even begin ground school at an airline or a flight training facility (Flight Safety where I work) they are required to have a background check complited by the NSA. They have to have that done EVERYTIME they come for training; that means every 6 months. With out that I can’t even begin ground school, some of these men and women I’ve known for 4 years, but I still can’t begin ground school with them.

If you think hiring non Americans is stupid then I guess your opinion. Next time drive. Of course unless your driving a Honda or Toyota then most likely your car was built by a non-American outside of America.

And not hiring pilots because they are Muslims would be just plain illegal in the US.

If you intend to boycott every airline which employs Muslim pilots, the bus station is that way >>>> :unamused:

Illegal, yes. Illogical, YES! We are at war, believe it or not. If the person is an American citizen who picked the so-called religion of peace, that’s one thing. If the person is NOT an American citizen and is of the so-called religion of peace, then I do NOT want him piloting my flight or driving my bus!

This thread specified non-US citizens and it’s drifted to religion. It is surprising that they hire non US citizens. Almost all of them say US passport or the legal right to work in the US, but most do specify citizenship.

Air wisconsin:
1000 hours total flight time
250 hours multi-engine
ATP written within 1yr of hire
1st class medical
**Valid passport **

Total Time: 1200 hours
Multi-Engine Time: 250 hours
First Class Medical
FCC Licensed
Valid Passport

800 hours total time
50 hours multi-engine time
Recency of flight experience will be considered
Current FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate
Vision corrected to 20/20
Well groomed and able to maintain a professional appearance
FCC radio license
ATP Written Completed
Successfully pass a drug screen analysis
Legally authorized to work in the United States and have a valid passport
Undergo a criminal history records check through an FBI based fingerprint system
Extensive background and reference check
College preferred, minimum high school diploma or GED

Do they specify a US passport, or just a passport?

I just see “valid passport”. I don’t think “valid U.S. Passport” can be assumed there. My wife is from Ecuador and her Ecuadorian passport is valid. I’m assuming that IF she met all other qualifications (a mighty BIG “IF”), then she’d be qualified. I think “fluent oral and written skills of the English language” should be one of those qualifications as well :wink:

I would think that in the instances you’ve cited they’re simply attempting to ensure that any US citizen they send on a flight outside the US as crew can legally return.

Sound familiar? :smiling_imp:

Yeah, yeah. I didn’t end up needing it. But that rule becomes effective pretty soon…it stays in my headset bag all the time now.

For some reason I read “valid passport” as a U.S. only thing. I guess I was just being ignorant. Isn’t that a prerequisite for Americans? :wink:

You know there is a Plan B.

Non-flying supervisory personnel go into the cockpit and lock the door. Then they call Tech Support for the company that manufactured the auto-pilot system. They generally reach the call center in Hyderabad, where the tech support rep enables Remote Assistant and connects the auto-pilot to flight simulation software. The cockpit staff disconnects Tech Support before taxiing to the gate at the destination airport.

So far as I know, no US airline has tested Plan B, but it is well known to be a preferred mode of operation for the new airlines in Indonesia who also outsource maintenance to Tech Support centers in South America.