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Is it possible to keep a log file on the SD card?

Hi all,

Wondering, is it possible to keep a log file on the SD card of all the aircraft seen? I used to run my Pi with rtl1090 and used a laptop to store the data from the log files generated by it. Is it possible to just write to a file on the SD card? This gave reg number, callsign, aircraft type etc. It was handy for the likes of search and rescue and some military that do not broadcast all the data required for position etc.

Thanks in Advance.


It is possible to keep a log - I have modesmixer2 running on a separate machine as that has the ability to write to a basestation.sqb file. It records quite a bit of data, including the times and positions the aircraft was first and last seen. It doesn’t record the exact path, but gives an idea. You can use virtual radar server to query the database and produce reports. VRS can also write to the same database directly, but then you need to have that running continuously and it isn’t as easy to get working properly on a linux machine.

Here is an example:

It’s probably possible to do it some other why by processing the port 30003 output somehow, but I don’t know of any simple programs that can do it.

You could run modesmixer2 on the same pi as dump1090, but it will depend on how much cpu time you have spare.

Caius, cheers for that, it’s running on an original A+ Pi so probably not a lot of scope for additional processes. Thanks again. Neil

Modesmixer2 is using a maximum of 15Mb of RAM, and max of 4.6% cpu on a pi2. It doesn’t take much in the way of resources.