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Is it possible to get the alternate airports for s scheduled flight?

I’m developing an app where pilots can enter their flights, and get an assessment of the weather for the airports involved at the time they get there. For each flight they enter their flight number, and I need to retrieve departure airport, ETD, destination airport, ETA, and the alternate airports with EET to alternate airport.
So far, I manage to retrieve departure airport, ETD, destination airport and ETA via the service AirlineFlightSchedules, but I can’t get the alternate airports and time to alternate. Would anyone know a way to get this?
Many thanks!

We generally don’t have access to the planned alternate airport, since that is primarily of interest to ATC. In some cases, we do actually receive it through the FAA but we don’t currently attempt to capture or expose that.

Thanks a lot for your fast reply.
Well, it would have been gold worth for me, but I guess 99% of customers do not have any use for alternate airports details, so I absolutely understand this is not a priority.
I might check with FAA if there is a way to retrieve these.
Thank you again, and have a great day!