Is India participating in NATO surveillance

I am not sure, searched the internet but could not find an answer. Today I noticed an Indian Boeing C19 over Romania. Noticed another C17 on it’s way back to India. Idid not know that India took part in the surveillance.
Could someone enlighten me please?

Pretty unlikely. I would assume more support flights in/out this country

These were repatriation flights for foreign exchange students coming from India that have been evacuated to Romania. They were studying in Ukraine.
India is neutral in the conflict at this point in time

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Thank you both for the replies.

Hi Tom,

seems that there were a lot of students from India. Today even two C-17 Globemasters going to Romania.

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Interesting, I’m wondering what the explanation is for these flights. Maybe humanitarian aid but I can’t tell.

Maybe someone else has a clue ?

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Getting weirder, as shown

I think there wille be refugees in Poland as well. just my 2 cents :wink:

It’s the same. Picking up refugees from Poland.

Poland received most of them so far, pretty likely that Indians are there as well.