Is Hooters receiving a delivery in LAX (BFI-LAX PCE 1469)


Is this a Boeing Delivery flight for Hooters to LAX? Or is this
just a charter? PCE 1469 ETA to LAX is Fri 8:54 EDT.


Pace does charters, Hooters Air ceased operations of scheduled airline service (through Pace) on 4/17.


It appears the aircraft arrived as PCE1468 on 18 Apr at 1800 from DEN. … /KDEN/KBFI


Charter :smiley:


And, according to my LA Times, the Denver Nuggets open the NBA playoffs against the LA Clippers tonight ( Saturday 4/22).

Lots of the charter flights in and around the Los Angeles airports (especially the larger aircraft) can be attributed to professional sports teams coming in to play.


Even though Hooters Air has ceased flying, PACE is owned by Hooters Corp and continues to fly charter service as it always did in the past.