Is Carefree Az in the Pacific time zone?




That part of AZ does not observe DST. So now they would be in MST. When we jump back onto DST, they will be in PDT. So they are always GMT -7.



I knew that, just ribbing the guys in Houston. Anything west of Abilene :open_mouth: throws them…


Something’s not so carefree in Carefree.

Checking at 16:43 CST, I found all three flights (1 arrival, 2 departures) all showed Carefree in EASTERN standard time.

Checking additional arrivals, they all showed times in Eastern (standard | daylight) time. Other Arizona airports all showed Mountain times.


Getting bored over there in john?


bored, me? nah, just been sitting in the same Holiday Inn (not express) in Beirut for 10 days.