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Irritating Auto Redirects

I am having a problem with auto redirects on my iPhone (Where I am taken from the FA Website to an app site without my authorization). I researched this problem and it is widely discussed and universally condemned. One of the recommendations was to notify the website administrators as often this is being done without their consent. Somehow one of the advertisers inserts a redirect code without the websites permission. Rumor has it IOS 8 will stop this. I certainly hope so.

This is unacceptable and certainly not approved or intentional. I’ve notified our head of advertising operations.

Thanks for the heads up. I would love to know if you could provide any information about what the ad may have been, or at least where it has redirected you to. We can usually track the ad/source from this and block the advertising account. Feel free to reply in the forums or by emailing me at vishan.persaud@flightaware.com. I would also like you to confirm if you were on a mobile website or our iOS app. Thanks again.

I should have included that additional information in my first post. I apologize. So far it hasn’t happened again but if it does I will provide as much information as possible. I know it directed me to one of those games like candy crush but it wasn’t candy crush.


I was on the regular Flight Aware website using my iPhone Safari Browser.

I was just auto redirected to the “Cookie Jam” App site from the FlightAware website

1116 am CST.


Would you happen to know if you are on an HTTP or HTTPS connection? The partner pool is very separate and different. Regardless, I should be able to camp on our mobile site, emulating iOS and eventually incur the ad.