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For VFR pilots flying from airport A direct to airport B this is not an issue. But if you fly IFR and enter the entire flight plan into FF this could help. Correcting errors in the flight plan or getting a reroute meant putting the cursor at the end of said plan and erasing it to the point you needed. I guess this might be in the book, I’m going to read it one of these days, but was one of the questions I asked ForeFlight today. Got a quick response too. Here it is.

One of my favorite tips for editing in a bumpy cockpit is to tap your finger on the search box, which will put your cursor at the end of the line, ready for you to start typing. Tap and hold your finger in the center of the search box until the “bubble” appears. This is a magnifying glass designed to help you see where the insertion cursor is beneath your finger. The problem is that it’s so high up on the screen, it gets in the way. TIP: While holding down your finger, drag the bubble down to about halfway down the screen and you’ll be able to see the insert cursor clearly up in the search box (ignore the bubble). Now if you drag your finger left or right, you can scroll through your route and then let go when the insert cursor is at the exact point where you want to continue editing.

I learned something today, thought I would pass it along.

John in Saudi


John- that same tip holds true for editing anything on the iPad.
You can also double tap the word or fix to highlight it.


Thanks Jason, in fact I watched the other pilot do some editing on his iPhone this morning the same way.


Even better idea John instead of editing the text of the flight plan if you know generally where the new fix is while in flight.

Put your finger on your projected track line and “rubber band” the line to the general area on the amended clearance. A popup window will come out and give you suggestions (bottom has NAV, Airports and waypoints. Tap what you want and that will insert the fix in your flight plan.

Got to use my iPhone and Foreflight on a commercial flight this weekend using GPS only. Loved how Foreflight put the high altitude routes on one map, made it a snap to track mysef from the cozy confines of 6F. Was nice to swap from that to world map so my wife could see the state lines and where we were.

Also used another app called Speed Pro. Nice to see speeds of 560 mph covering 9.6 miles in one minute at a GPS altitude of 35K 8)


Hi Allen;
You’re right, rubberbanding is great but this was an entire IFR reroute in an area of the world where I have to use the new world map. I was also trying to update the Jepp app which does not rubberband.


Foreflight is neat but the fltplan.com app is free and has a map that will track on High/low and sectional charts, plus free Canada and USA NOS charts.

I like free :slight_smile:

I know you can’t really use it in the sand box john but here in the states it works good


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.


Great Tip, Thanks.



That was useful - and so are the follow-on comments…