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iOS one year paid subscription but on web version basic user

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I had a similar problem. iOS app worked fine - web-based account had wrong account type. My issue was having different passwords for my free Enterprise account and for my original paid account (which I cancelled after the Enterprise account became active - a benefit of feeding data via PiAware).

Try this. Log-out of the web account interface. Close your browser. Re-boot computer. Relaunch your browser and open the web account page. Log-in, making sure you use the exact same credentials as in use for your iOS app. Does the correct account type now appear on the web page? It worked for me - I hope you have the same result.

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So did you try logging out in the web version and logging back in?
Removing the cookies for a single web page isn’t that hard, if you do it properly it won’t change anything for other websites.

You might want to check if your language and conjectures are a fair response to a technical problem.
Note that technical support will likely not be at capacity due to a major US holiday.
So i’d expect customer support response on Monday at the earliest.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Maybe you can refund your purchase.

So you haven’t even tried logging out and back into the website right?
Because otherwise you’d have mentioned that you tried that already.

And clearing cookies for a single website will not mess up your iphone.
(not sure if this is still current: https://www.howtogeek.com/205564/how-to-clear-cookies-cache-for-a-single-website-on-iphone-or-ipad/)

Should probably not answer you because that means you got some advice by shouting the loudest and using foul language.

There have been some quite sensible suggestions in this thread about what you can try and do to resolve the problem. It’s easy enough to clear cookies for just one website in iOS and Safari and it won’t hurt you to try them but you flatly refuse.

Then you get all abusive and threaten to contact the police.

Let’s be realistic here, the police aren’t going to be even slightly interested in this.

When you have a technical issue with any product, you should go through the basic troubleshooting steps first. The most obvious thing is to simply do as has been suggested in this thread but you seem very stubborn about trying it. You’ve even said you won’t restart your phone. That’s about as basic as one can get, switching it off and back on again.

Clearing cookies for one site or switching your phone off and on again will not ‘mess it up’. Why not try it?

Swearing, shouting and threatening won’t produce results. Asking for help politely and then trying the suggestions offered is always a better option.

You may well have purchased then but your first post on here was made on Thanksgiving which is a major holiday in the USA. Have at least a little patience.


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I logged out and login again and nothing :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

It is not possible to clear cookies for only flightaware and yes I tried. I will not clear completely the cookies of my iPhone because I want to keep logged on all site always, all the time. Logging out and logging in again not helping anything. I will not refund my purchase, I like flightaware, I signed up in 2017. I want my premium subscription on web version as well.

These forums are not the primary way of getting support. Please try one of the customer service contact methods listed here for direct support: https://flightaware.com/about/contact/

That said, I don’t see a premium+ subscription associated with your account; perhaps you are confusing the iOS app ad-removal subscription with the monthly full-feature subscriptions shown here: https://flightaware.com/commercial/premium/ ?


I’m very sorry for the late reply and my attitude approaching the topic, it won’t happen ever again. The flightaware crew was right, my subscription is early ads removal on the iOS app and nothing else than this. I’m very happy with flightaware and the flight :airplane: search, Thank you :blush: everyone’s. :white_check_mark::hugs:


Yearly, not early, very sorry.