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iOS app beta testing for version 5.3.3


I would be happy to be part of the iOS app beta test. Really enjoy Flightaware!


Please include me in beta testing IOS 5.3.3


looking forward to “BETA” version …


I would also like to beta test 5.3.3


I would like to help test beta versions



I’d like to be added a a beta tester for any new FlightAware IOS app releases. I typically track flights mainly in the Seattle area and on the west coast as well as Europe. Let me know if you need any more testers!



I would be happy to test as well.


The 5.3.3 (8) build should now be available to those who requested it. Let us know if you didn’t get an email from Apple’s TestFlight.


Received an invitation to install the new beta test version, but need a second invite if I am to test the iPad Mini 2. Code can only be redeemed once.


You should be able to simply install TestFlight on your other device and tap on the same activation email.


Sign me up for beta!


I never received an email from Apple


Hi I never received email from Apple?


Did that before I emailed this request and on the iPad Mini it reports that the invitation has been redeemed and to request another invite from the developer.

I’ve tested other apps through TestFlight and that seems to be the way it works.


I would be interested as well. :wink:


I would like to help test out the beta versions of the Flightaware iOS app. If you still need people to test the app, I would enjoy help you with this app.

Thanks a lot!!



I would love to beta test this!


The new update is great! It works well and enchnaces several good features of the app. The only question I have, will we ever be able to see world wide weather on the app?



I’d be willing to a beta tester


Hi all,
We’re about to start the beta process for our next release, version 5.3.5. We’re going to close responses on this thread and open a new one to track interest in the beta program for 5.3.5. That thread will be posted later today.