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iOS app beta testing for version 5.3.3


iPhone 7 user here and I’d like to help test it out!


Please add me to the beta testing.


I can help artpauly@gmail.com


As an ADS-B data provider I would like to help with the beta test - Thanks wisniewskimj


Include me please.


i’m in too. Thanks!


I am a willing beta tester!


If you still need more Beta testers please add me to the list.


Add me to the list, please!


I’d be happy to test. I travel weekly and use the app all of the time.


MyFlightAware…While you’re at it, please restore the ability for mobile users to select the full site display by selecting “non-mobile version”. Also, in current mobile version, you’ve removed any indication in the text presentation of which aircraft are currently air borne. Please quit fixing things that aren’t broken. I monitor 5 aircraft in MyFlightAware. Thanks


I would like to become a BETA tester for the forthcoming version of FlightAware. I have the app on my iphone 6s called Test flight that allows me to install BETA versions of apps. I also am a BETA tester for Apple’s IOS versions. I am currently running IOS 10.3. I have BETA tested numerous other apps that I can provide you a list if needed.
Scott Blasl


If you need more beta testers please include me. Have both iPod Touch and iPad Mini 2.


I would like to take part


Please sign me up for the beta testing.


Hi! I’d like to beta test the new features on your app please.


Me too! Me too!


As a regular user – I would love to help. In.


I would like to be a beta tester for the new app! Thanks


I’d like to help test the new ap for you.