Invasion of the balloons over Central Florida



A whole herd of them!


Somehow feel envious of you. Live in a part of the world, where balloons would be almost equivalent an alien invasion.


THis is why

THey are heading over to Puerto Rico


The balloons that are currently near Puerto Rico aren’t the ones that he caught in the screenshot above. The balloons that he saw were launched as a group of six at various points around Kentucky early last week, made their way south-east over South Carolina to the Atlantic, and then came back south-west across Florida and the Gulf to ultimately cross Mexico in to the Pacific where tracking for each of them stopped. I’m sure they’re still up - they’re just out over the water where nothing can track them from the ground anymore. The Puerto Rico cell service balloons are still being assembled and prepped for launch in that area. The Google Loons generally aren’t setup to function in the manner that they will be used down there, so there is some extra work going on behind the scenes to make that great project work out properly.