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Internet TV Log-In issue

I can log into FA on anything, except my Samsung Smart TV’s, internet TV browser.

It does bring up the login box, for email and password.
After submission it just returns to the FA home screen, and ignores the login attempt.

Any thoughts?

Try clearing the browser cache on the TV and attempt login?

Sadly, no-joy.

I can log in to other accounts with the TV (Facebook, etc), but FA just doesn’t recognize the log-in event.

I login with username and password.

Are you sure you are using the correct credential?



email and password, yes.

I’m logged in now on my computer. I just can’t get the TV browser to register the log-in.

You are correct.

I just checked again and email and password also works.


Have you checked that the TV’s firmware is up to date?

And is there an update for the browser app?


App and TV are both up to date. Auto update is also on.

Install Firefox or Chrome as an app, then you have a proper browser.

If the TV doesn’t support it, you’re likely out of luck.
Seems Smart TVs come with really dumb and more importantly 10 year old browsers.

I believe Samsung doesn’t support third party browsers.