Internet Access on Southwest Airlines

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And its the no frills airlines that are adding all the technology. What are the *full service *airlines doing? :laughing:


haha No kidding. :laughing: How can you use wifi on board but not PED?


I really though don’t understand why they are doing this. Isn’t this weight and complexity to the planes? Also, with WN’s size, they really don’t have to be differentiating themselves? They really don’t have to be that niche carrier.


PED (I’m assuming you mean personal electronic devices) are not wired into the aircraft. The wireless will be installed taking into account the aircraft’s electronics.


Is this some new type of wired wireless? And what does it provide service to? 147 different laptop computers?




So it’s wireless and it provides service to everyone individual laptop etc… Is a laptop not a PED?


I mean the system to broadcast the wireless will be set up taking into account the aircraft’s electronics. Yes, it will be wireless to the computers. And no, it won’t go to 147 different laptops unless you count the crew. Southwest’s 737-700’s have a capacity of 137 passengers.