Interesting/unusual things seen from the air

Basically this topic has been created as a shameless way for me and others to post pictures or stories about things they’ve seen while airborne.

Here’s some pictures of Ira Rennert’s gigantic oceanfront home in Sagaponack, NY (the Hamptons). Dubbed “Fair Field,” it is said to be the largest occupied private home in the USA. Only the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC built by George Washington Vanderbilt II, is larger, but it is now operated as a museum.

Think you’ve had a bad day? This guy was having a very bad day.

Nice lawns! :open_mouth:

Eh… I’ve had worse.

You would think he could own like a 747…

I saw what appeared to be someone’s attempt to spell Luckenbach in very large letters in a field- had to be at most 1/2 mile by 1/4 mile while flying from KAUS to KATL. They only had “LUCKEN” spelled so far- anyone else see this? Here’s the flight path- had to have been in the first 40 min of the flight. Tried to take a pic but my battery was dead.

There is a Luckenbach, Texas; but unfortunately it is west of Austin and not along your route of flight.

LUECKE. It’s near Smithville, TX and it’s about two miles long. I don’t know the story behind it, but it’s a familiar sight for those who fly in and out of KAUS.

cool- thanks- guess I was closer to KAUS than I thought.

wow- searched google for luecke and found this: see section 5.5

There’s an expanation here. I guess it has to do with calculating resolution of astonaut photos. The whole word is 2.5 miles long and each letter is over half mile tall.

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Here is the Google Map link:,+TX

The word is about 2 miles North of the town and runs North-South.

This is TOO cool.

great posts!

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Anyway, you have to warn people before you show gory, horrific, offensive images like the bird strike. If you don’t get what I’m saying, look at the discussion titled Bird Strike.

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Speaking of bird strikes, seen from the air…

F-18 vs. Bird (Graphic, but no human loss of life that I’m aware of.)

Also posted on Bird Strike thread.

Not an F-18, see my post in the other thread.

Heh, that’s the bad thing about posting the same thing on two threads… the risk of having to be corrected twice. :smiley: