Interesting tail number

Was looking at my home airport SDF and noticed this flight N477JB coming in. Owner listed as Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc. wonder who the producer has been shuttling in and out of Louisville lately?

Bruckheimer maintains a home (part-time) near Bloomfield, Kentucky.

*He’s the mega-successful film and TV producer who married a Kentucky native, a mover-shaker among historic preservationists.

Bruckheimer’s top hits include “Top Gun,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Black Hawk Down,” the “C.S.I.” family of TV series, plus “Without a Trace,” “Amazing Race” and “Cold Case.”

I sweet-talked his wife, Linda, who values privacy, into a tour of Walnut Groves Farm on the outskirts of tiny Bloomfield, Ky., not that far from Bardstown. The 1,200-acre compound includes a grand 1820 Greek Revival house, a world-class wine cellar, historic log cabins, a brand-new horse barn with twin cupolas and an elaborate hockey rink, complete with Zamboni, for Hollywood houseguests to chase the puck whenever Bruckheimer’s in residence. He loves ice hockey. The story with photos ran in The Post on Feb. 5, 2005.

Schu carved a 9-foot totem pole for the grounds of the Bruckheimers’ part-time Kentucky home, for which many artisans in the commonwealth were employed. However, Walnut Groves Farm is not open for public tours.*

Very cool i didn’t know that, thanks for the update.