Interesting - Sky Donut?

As I am taking this route /flight in several weeks - anyone have the slightest idea what was going on here? … /KMDT/KCLT

Possible weather/diversion?

The captain lives in that area. Just checking to make sure no strange cars are in the driveway :wink:

“Attention the cabin, please look down to your left to view a 2-story Red House with a basketball hoop and an “A” on the roof. Anyone see a car in the driveway next to the mini-van please hit your call button and inform a flight attendant.”

Pretty damn funny, I knew I was in trouble after I posted this…

And a very warm welcome to the FA Forums.

“IF you kids don’t knock it off, I will turn this plane around!”

It was a hold over a fix or intersection.

The weather has been nice in this region for the last couple of days. Probably an ATC request for traffic sequencing.

Does anyone else think it was one of those computer generated intersections? :unamused:

No. Looks like the hold was at Lynchburg VOR (LYH).

LYH lat/long are N37.25 W79.13

Most likely a 360 by ZDC because the next sector was unable to take the handoff. Most times the handoff gets completed during the maneuver and the pilot, copilot, plane, and passengers can go merrily on their way.

Can I get another bag of peanuts please.

I’ve done that on a 20 minute flight KAVP-KPHL. Spacing.

Sounds like driving during rush hour would be faster! :imp:

LYH is the coordination fix. A 360 for one turn is much easier than issuing holding instructions with EFC’s and all that stuff.