Interesting paint job on this B737-800

Guess this aircraft was just painted in Shannon and is being delivered to South African - low cost carrier - Kulala.



Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Is that for their mechanics?

Is there a picture of the cockpit? :laughing:

Obviously, this paint job is designed to help the “250 hour wonder” in the cockpit know what the hell those big, loud things out on the wings are. :open_mouth:

That really inspires confidence, doesn’t it?

Might be able to aid an investigation someday!

'Bout a thousand sticky notes. :laughing:

I love the one that says “Big Cheese”

+1. :wink:

Not just any “Big Cheese.” “The Big Cheese.” :laughing:

I like the right side, says “co-captain”

I wish the shots where closer…its really hard to read the little captions

Rob placed links to larger sized pictures right under each picture but they are easy to miss:

“Sun roof”… love it!

Notice how under the sign for the “loo”, it says “(or mile high club initiation chamber)”

still too small, maybe I need better glasses :unamused:

Better than before…

Here are some different pics that were on FA photos: