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Interesting decode of a defunct airline coded as United States Air Force

Picked this up in Lima Peru today.
44 08:36:50 07:41 01-0040 AE0945 SAM118 United States Air Force B737 Boeing C-40B Landplane United States Military.

The ICAO Mode-S code comes back as registered to Sam Sociedad Aeronautica De Medellin but that Airline went out of business in October of 2010.

Checking todays flight, it originated from Camp Springs, MD yesterday and arrived in Lima Peru this morning. From the flight track it appears to have taken off from Andrews Air Force base,

ICAO Mode-S code comes back as USAF C-40B for me. No mention of airline.

Report’s it as both I’m searching the Boeing serial numbers to see what the history is

Must be bad data in the AirNav database, checking the serial number came back with

Registration Delivery date Airline Remark
|N371BJ|19/10/2000|Boeing Business Jet| |Correct|
|01-0040|05/12/2002|US Air Force| |Correct|