Inna middle of nowhere


Dec 29, 2012 N734MJ (a Cessna 172) and N201RB ( a Cessna 210) were shown crossing the Pacific Ocean, originating from a point near Niuas Atoll ( 15°35’35.76"S 175°38’20.68"W ) inbound to the US. I am sure this was a glitch-- if not I hope they had massive tanks and record attempts sanctioned through the NAA/FAI. Photos:!i=2295256413&k=k4VDmKh

Cursory examination shows a whole gaggle of wayward little planes coming out of Niuas on flights that will put them in the books alongside Amelia Earhart. Goodby little ones! Sleep deeply!



Garbled flight plans although most got corrected if you look at the individual tail nos.
Frontier 343 seems to be a frequent offender:


I believe this spot is where all the Bermuda Triangle victims pop out. The actual location is 20° 8’15.92"S 159°45’45.43"W between Mangari and Raratonga Atolls, Cook Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. It appears to be fed by a continuing supply of confused aircraft. I wonder why the FlightAware software chooses this point. It would be interesting to figure out the code.