Inflight refuling of a Lear 25?

I must have called in sick on that day. Since when does a Lear 25 get tanked? … 3f9cbe6427

I saw those pics the other day too Frank. There’s actually a couple of them on FA showing that scene - I had no idea they were capable of that either.

I just seen that for the first time. Interesting…however not surprised after visiting their website. Very innovative little company…for the Govt. 8)

The aircraft CAN NOT actually refuel, it is used as part of Calspan’s research on an automated refueling system. They’ve been using their Learjets as simulated reciever aircraft for a while now.

Thanks… I really didn’t think they could refuel a Lear. :open_mouth:

THANK GOD! if we could refuel in the air my boss would never give me a day off!

Dude, do we work together??? Did your boss ever suggest that you just sleep in the airplane instead of getting a hotel room? :open_mouth:

when it rains it pours here! I’m so damn tired lately that all I want to do is sleep!

Hopefully your boss will spring for a potty before in air refueling.