Indonesia - ATR 42 forced landing into a rice field . . .


Trigana Air Services ATR-42-300 over Borneo aircraft lost an engine in flight and diverted, however aircraft ended up in a forced landing in a rice field.

Reportedly one person injured. Trigana operates 10 ATR’s and 2 B737, Twin Otters and light aircraft.

From Aviation Herald;

'A Trigana Air Service Aerospatiale ATR-42-300, registration PK-YRP performing flight TGN-168 from Berau to Samarinda (Indonesia) with 46 passengers and 5 crew, experienced an engine (PW120) failure prompting the crew to divert to Balikpapan. The crew however was forced to land in a field at Bone village, about 41 road kilometers from Balikpapan along the road Balikpapan-Samarinda and about 18nm from Balikpapan’s Sepinggan Airport. One passenger received serious injuries (fractures), all other occupants escaped without injuries.

The airline reported, that the crew decided to divert to Balikpapan’s Sepinggan International Airport (runway 07/25 2500 meters/8200 feet long) because of its better facilities compared to the regional Termindung Airfield of Samarinda (runway 04/22 1150 meters/3800 feet long).

Indonesia’s Transport Ministry said, that one of the airplane’s two engines had failed. The airplane was not able to reach Sepinggan International Airport for so far undetermined reasons and was forced to land in a field.’

All things considering, that’s not a bad landing, IMO. Like they say, any landing you can walk away from… My question - how are they going to get that thing out of there??