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Individual Stats Page Changes

Hi, at this point I find the current stats extremely confusing.

I assume you are resetting the counts to zero at 0000 GMT which is currently 1700 the previous day in the Pacific Northwest.

What I see listed as Sunday appears to actually show the Monday (GMT) numbers and even though is now Tuesday 0145 GMT, I am seeing the latest numbers listed as Monday.

From what I see, you are showing the counts as a 24 hour GMT setting, that is resetting at 0000 GMT but the day/date is perhaps using a 24 hour local time instead of a GMT setting.

Very Confusing!


Thanks for pointing this out - a fix for the stats headings will be released later today.

You’re right that the stats are grouped by GMT day, not your local timezone, which might be still is a little more confusing than we’d like. This is an issue that we’re working on.

I can’t see stats over 15 days old. Is there a link to my history as there was before?