Indigo Flights not showing correct tracking status


Eg: IGO467 shows as taxiing 37 minutes into the flight. A quick search on Google shows that the flight has travelled almost 1/2 the distance. What’s happening? When google can get info, why not flightaware

Seen the same with other Indigo flights when I narrow down onto an aiprort (ex. IGO434), flight paths look silly originating in the middle of nowhere. Given that Indigo is one of the most popular airlines with highest number of passengers, this is a pretty serious issue for you guys to look at


I googled IGO467 as you suggested. Results may vary, but two aircraft tracking sites incuding FA
returned “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more.”.
It appears that IGO’s webserver selectively blocks sites from indexing their data. Apparently it allows Google.
From my viewpoint, this does not seem to be a FA failure.