Increase track log lat/lon resoluton?


The track log currently lists coordinates as degrees and minutes of lat/lon. Reporting location to the nearest whole minute of lat/lon gives an error of up to a mile or so which is very noticeable when exporting data to other applications, such as Google Earth.

What would the impact be to list a higher resolution coordinate, either in decimal minutes or in seconds of lat/lon in the track log?

I know you get much higher res in the FAA data because of how good the maps look, but I assume that you limit the accuracy to save storage space. Is it reasonable to kick it up a notch or will that kill storage?


More precise data than track log?

Even managed to use some of the same phrases, which is what reminded me of the old thread. :slight_smile:


I guess I need to quit drinking so heavily before I sit down at my computer… Sorry bout the goof. Any you know I read every post, too (except that one!).

That makes me even more irritated at the FAA. You can almost see why they think there needs to be a 5-6 minute delay in position reporting in the name of security, but then when you realize that the data has an accuracy error of more that a mile then what difference does the delay make? It couldn’t be used to shoot anything down anyway!

Oh well… Thanks. I’m even more impressed with the job you guys are doing cleaning up the junk they are sending!