Incorrect TAS and GS on preview log?

I recently planned a few flights (KLVJ LFK 4O4 and KLVJ LOA DODJE3 KRBD) and the last segments of the flights TAS and GS seemed a bit high when I selected review flight plan. I was using the Grumman Tiger AA5B 65% profile and the TAS and GS showed around 150 kts at around 8000 to 7000 altitude (highest book value around 139 kts at FT). Based on the distance and leg time the actual GS looks about right (around 120-135 kt) but the TAS and GS shown are not in line with leg distance divided by leg time.

The last few segments are probably in the descent, so TAS is going to be driven by the IAS in the descent profile (plus atmospheric conditions) rather than the TAS in the cruise profile. If you prefer a slower descent (the FlightAware staff admittedly enjoy dive-bombing the poor little tiger), you can copy the data to your own aircraft and modify it appropriately.