Incomplete Flight Plans


Good evening! I have been browsing the site for quite a while, and really enjoy the features it provides. I have noticed one problem, however. On flight plans that are exceptionally long, occasionally parts of the end will be chopped off.

As an example, check out EJA253 tonight, flying from LAX to TEB. A long flight, with a long flight plan. The flight data on your site gives “LOOP4 DAG J146 DVC J197 GLD J192 PWE J64 BDF J26 JOT J146 GIJ J554 JHW” for a flight plan. That’s close to complete, but it’s missing the arrival, LVZ3. I’ve noticed this on a few other flights as well, where it’s just the arrival that is missing. This is confirmed by checking the flight plan on (whose subscription I am close to canceling thanks to your service).

Just thought I’d let you guys know that this is happening. If you need some other examples, let me know. I have a few others. Thanks!



Hi, Mike. Welcome to FlightAware.

Very good catch. Looks like this (display/formatting) bug was introduced a month or two ago in an attempt to resolve some formatting issues on certain browsers.

Either way, it’s all fixed now. Thanks for your comments.